Hey, I'm Shihab!

I'm a software developer currently residing in New York City. I've been developing software for over four years now, focusing on highly efficient and scalable automation systems, web applications, and desktop apps. This site is inspired by my friend Alistair's site, so make sure to check him out!

Work Experience

I'm currently working at Prudential as a Senior Software Engineer working on various projects, including legacy systems and new web applications. On my free time I'm working on getting an AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification as well as learning Swift and SwiftUI to build iOS applications.

Prudential Financial
Senior Software Engineer
September 2022 - Present
Software Engineer (Full-Stack)
June 2021 - September 2022
Software Engineer (Full-Stack)
June 2021 - September 2022
Software Engineer (Full-Stack)
March 2021 - June 2021
Frontend Engineer
Nov 2020 - March 2021
Constantly Create Shop
Software Engineer (Full-Stack)
June 2020 - Sept 2020

Although I pick up many hobbies over the course of a year, my favorite one recently has been biking. One of my roommates bought two bikes over the summer for a bargain, one for him and one for myself. I've been biking all over Brooklyn recently, trying to stay more in shape, but also to enjoy the scenary and get places quicker. I've integrated some of my Strava data below, so you can see how much I've been biking recently :)

18 mi.Biked this Week
2 mi.On Last Ride
10 mphAvg. Speed Last Ride
25 mphMax Speed Last Ride
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